Take two attractive characters.
Steve + Tony (Avengers)
Add a pinch bucket load of angst.
Doctor + Master (Doctor Who)
Stir the mixture until it becomes a full blown argument.
Thor + Loki (Thor)
If the mixture is too bitter add two cups of eye-fucking. Or 20 cups. In fact add all the eye-fucking you want, the recipe won’t work without it.
Sherlock + John (BBC Sherlock)
Bake in an oven of sexual tension until it looks ready to explode.
Harry + Draco (Harry Potter)
Finally sprinkle a topping of your choice to give the  it’s own individual flavour (we recommend superheroes, magic and/or supernatural beings, crime or time travel)
Charles and Erik (X-Men First Class)
*Tip 1: A mixture of one blonde character and one brunette or black haired character is used most commonly however it isn’t actually needed for the recipe to work (see: Destiel)
Dean + Castiel (Supernatural)

Tip 2: It doesn’t matter if one of the characters is (more than) a bit of a dick as long as the other one is really nice
Arthur + Merlin (Merlin)


First of all I want to say that I am sure that all of these tv shows/movie/books would be popular without the shippyness. It’s just that well… there are lot of slash ships on tumblr and a lot of them are really similar on a basic level.

Also while I’m a part of all of the fandom’s in the post I don’t actually ship all of the ships and guess what, that’s fine. Ship what you want, if you don’t agree with a pairing then that’s cool too just don’t try to use it as an excuse to insult others.

Why did I pick those particular fandoms:

When I was making this I was also compiling a list of ships that I could use. I ended up picking them on how well I thought they fit the criteria and whether I had good quality footage of them. There were a lot of ships that people recommended to me but I didn’t end up using because I didn’t have enough panels and I didn’t know the fandom that well including Sam + Frodo (LOTR) US + UK ( Hetalia) and Arthur + Eames (Inception).

Why they were all male non-canon ships

They’re all male because it’s a recipe for slash.

Non of them are canon because.. well that’s sort of the joke isn’t it? Also canon ships don’t conform to the stereotype as much.

I know one person was complaining about them all being white and cisgender. That was completely unintentional and I am welcome to suggestions. 

And I think that’s everything. If I think of anything more then I’ll add it later.

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