Recipe for slash

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Sherlock watches Doctor Who 3/?

Head canon: Lestrade is secretly an actor with the stage name ‘Rupert Graves’

This is the last one until series 7 ok, promise. 


So what if, in the Sherlockverse, there are Sherlockians and Johnlock shippers and then one morning someone leaves a link to the tumblr Johnlock tag on Sherlock’s blog…

Idea from Ace.

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Sherlock watches Doctor Who 2/?

And so it began…

Sherlock watches Doctor Who 1/?

I like to think that Sherlock just sort of sits there on on Saturday nights shouting at the plot holes.


I’m a bit unsure about a few of the characters (John, Molly, Mycroft) so if you have any suggestions. Or suggestions for more characters then inbox me and I’ll try to make it :)

Forget me. Just let me fade…

BBC Sherlock - Series One & Two

Reichenbach theory #1

  Ready for one last adventure?

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